Group Introduction

Sanko Mold Co., Ltd.

    With the motto "Trust in people, Confidence in the company" , we can provide the services corresponding consistently from a plan and design of mold and plastic injection molding part until manufacturing prototype and mass production mold and injection molding quickly.

Company name Sanko Mold Co., Ltd.
Location 1-130 Hannoki, Miyoshi-cho, Miyoshi-city, Aichi 470-0224, Japan
Telephone 0561-34-1505
Facsimile 0561-34-3353
Mail address
Managing Director AKIHIRO MASUDA
Executive Director HIDETADA KADOTA
Establishment February 1972
Legal capital JPY 17,500,000
Number of employees 74 persons
Business description Mold design and manufacturing for plastics and die-casting.
Plastic injection molding products.
Main customers
(No particular order)
Tokai Rika Co., Ltd., Kyowa Industrial Co., Ltd.,
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd., Matsuda Denki Co.,Ltd.,
Kasai Works Co., Ltd., Miyama Industry Co., Ltd.,
Takazono Corporation.
Sanko Mold and Plastics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

    Sanko Mold and Plastics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been established in September 2012 in Amata city Rayong Industrial Estate and it has been commencing operation since October 2013.
    As two pillars of the mold business and plastic injection molding business, we can provide total support of plastic parts from mold manufacturing until plastic injection molding even mold manufacturing and mold maintenance or repair only in accordance with the requirement from customers.

Company name Sanko Mold and Plastics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Location 7/399 M.6 Mabyangporn, Pluakdaeng, Rayong 21140. (Amata City Industrial Estate)
Telephone (+66)38 027 565-7
Facsimile (+66)38 027 568
Representative RYOHEI MASUDA
Establishment September 24, 2012
Registered capital Baht 36,000,000
Number of employees 35 persons (as of Feb 29, 2016)
Business description Mold parts manufacturing, mold repair and plastic injection molding parts.
Main customers
(No particular order)
Tokai Rika (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Thai Seatbelt Co., Ltd.
Matsuda Denki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Miyama Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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